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Healthy Employee Benefits

Financial Health For You and Your Co-workers:

As your business grows and matures, your needs and the needs of your co-workers will change. By applying our proprietary Financial Harvesting® @ Home System we are capable of providing you and your co-workers with a unique set of services to help you, your family and your workforce to become financially healthy.

We approach each employee and family with an awareness of the special family dynamics which exist. Specifically, here are some of the services we can provide to you and your family through all your family's life-cycles:

Executive Compensation Services
Incentive & Equity Arrangements
Pension & IRA Consulting

Personal Tax planning & Compliance
Federal & State Tax Returns
Estate & Gift Tax Planning

Bookkeeping and Business Management
Cash Flow Projections & Budgeting

Marriage & Divorce Planning
Tax Aspects Of Marriage And Divorce
Division Of Assets
Asset Tracing

Family Financial Planning
Cash Flow & Budgeting
Planning For Children
Real Estate Purchases & Refinancing
Credit & Debt Managment
Education Planning

Retirement & Longevity Planning
Cash Flow Projections
Social Security
Succession Planning

Elder Services
Caregiver Planning
Assisted Living
Bill Payment 

Estate, Gift & Trust Services
Quarterbacking the entire process
Tax Aspects (Estate Tax, Gift Tax)
Coordination with lawyers
Post-mortem planning

For more information see our website at:

Has your Business Consultant had a
discussion with you about the connection between the health of your business culture, etc. and the financial health of your business?

Perhaps it's because they don't understand the connection?

Community Harvest®
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