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Growth Services

Growing your business also requires leadership.

We have a lot of knowledge with which to help companies achieve sustainable growth through all of its stages of growth. Our proprietary leadership methodology helps clients to their overcome barriers to growth. Since sustainable growth cannot be achieved using a traditional leadership model, a new leadership model is needed.

Part of growing your business is discovering the risks associated with growing your business and mitigating those risks.

Leadership of your business is job one.  If you do not have a system for leading your business community you will find it very difficult so succeed due to the complexity involved with running a business.  This is even more true for a small business owner.  In fact,  due to the demands placed on small businesses owners today, it has become necessary to separate leadership responsibilities into two roles.  Community Leadership and Operational Leadership.  Here are some of the subjects which involve Community Leadership:

In order to accomplish everything which needs to be done small business owners will need partner​ with a firm like ours so that these issues will be tackled on a timely basis. You will likely be busy working in your business and not have time to work on your business.  Thats where we come in.

Leadership Development-developing employees into future leaders is an important element of growth for employees and therefore connected to their workplace health. This may include learning new leadership skills. We have taught leadership skills in dispute prevention, dispute resolution and sustainability. As a former Sr. Mgr. for one of the largest consulting firms in the world, I am well qualified to help you with such skills. I have also taught classes for the Calif. Society Of CPA's.

Leadership & Executive Coaching-providing various coaching services to you and your co-workers will help to achieve your companies work goals and enable individual workers to grow as your business grows. Listen, listen listen. This is how we begin to understand your needs and then help you to formulate your new career or ownership goals and plans. Whatever stage in work you are at, we can help you make better decisions. We are well qualified to be your partner and help you to understand the range of choices available to you.

Here are three types of projects we could help you with relating to the growth of your company:

• MacroGrowth Model Review. We assess whether your current streetegic growth model will meet your needs. We look at key trends and the company's capabilities and use a methodology that focuses on defining the growth platform that provides a streetegic fit.

• MicroGrowth Model Review-Within a product or service channel, we seek to fine tune the performance of the existing business through use of the appropriate operational business model.

• Competitive Growth Analysis-We examine the growth models being used by competitors and seek ways to improve on such models

Has your Business Consultant discussed their Business & Financial Sustainability Leadership System  with you?

Perhaps they don't have one.

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