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Shared Leadership

Now that your business has been stabilized, the next phase in our growth process is our Sustainable Startup(sm) Consulting Services.  During this phase we will help you to:

launch your new business community. We also have a Sustainable Startup™ Framework to help you to jump start and support the growth of your new venture.  

Our Sustainable Startup(sm) services include the following:

Understanding the three parts of our Leadership System
Understanding our Frameworks
Selecting our Frameworks
Licensing one of our Frameworks
Customizing our Frameworks
Producing new business Plans
Marketing & Other Communications
HR and other personnel issues
CFO Considerations (cash Management, costs, etc.)

TrustSourcing(sm) to external advisor's:

We have Designed and Produced various small business Frameworks in order to:

At this Phase,  our goal is to help you to produce a Blueprint for your work community.  This Blueprint will require that you choose three (3) of our Frameworks:

P-I.   People-Our Community Leadership Framework
P-II.  Products-One of our Industry Frameworks
P-III. Profits-Our Financial Harvesting Framework

These Frameworks form the foundation for additional customization services which may be provided at a later stage.

Design & Production Of Our Frameworks

We don't just redesign your business organization, we redesign your entire work community.  Redesigning your organization into a community design requires a unique and proprietary community leadership system known as Love@Work®.


In order to conduct a sustainable turnaround of your small business, we need to redesign your business using our Love@Work Leadership System which aims to produce a balance between all three of the following:

P-I. People-Oriented Community Leadership

This type of leadership focuses on protecting the health, safety and security of the worker and consumer. 

P-II. Product-Oriented Leadership

This type of leadership involves producing products which may have been included in our Love@Work product-oriented Framework design: 
healthy products, Environmental sustainability, "green products," product life-cycles and safe products.

P-III. Profit-Oriented Leadership

This type of leadership is the traditional way businesses have been designed. Unfortunately, this bottom-line approach no longer works.  Your co-workers, customers and extended community now want more than just a focus on profits.  

Why don't you put the power of love to work in your small business and see the impact our Love@Work® Community Leadership System has on your small business.

Would you build a home before hiring a Building Architect to produce a set of design blueprints for you? Of course not.

Then why are you trying to build 
a business before hiring a Business Architect to produce a set of design blueprints for you?

Community Harvest(sm)
Business turnaround, design, growth & harvesting services

221 Main Street, #547
Los Altos, California 94023