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Seminar Services

Areas of Healthy Communcations include:

I. Internal Communications:

Leadership Communications
CEO Mentoring/Coaching
Group Communications/Team Building
Group Facilitation Communications
Dispute Communications

II. External Communications:

Marketing Communications:

Community Harvest Seminars®  

We offer a variety of seminars, classes and workshops which provide the leaders of work communities and their co-workers with the opportunity to take time off from their busy schedules to become students for a short period of time. We will continue to offer new courses as they are needed and developed. These courses are available to our clients along with our Consulting Services.  

The Seminar Leader: Paul L. Schechter, has 20+ years of consulting and teaching experience. He has been teaching classes throughout his professional career. Before he launched Community Harvest® he taught courses for Ernst & Whinney (Young), the California Society of Certified Public Accountants as well as some private classes.

Love@Work® Seminars:

Dispute Prevention in The Workplace-Businesses waste billions of dollars each year due to the wasted energy spent on disagreements which spiraled out of control and turned into business disputes and then legal disputes. This class was previously taught before the California Society of CPA's. If you are a member and would like to obtain a copy of our syllabus, please let us know.

Mediation Skills For Workplace Leaders-Did you know that mediation is a process? Did you know that mediation is not the same as arbitration? Do you want to learn mediation skills so that you are able to mediate disputes within your work community? Then sign up for our class. You will find that these skills not only help you to be a better leader at work, but that you will be a better leader at home as well. This class has previously been taught as a private class to Certified Public Accountants who wanted to also be mediators.

Financial Governance: The Good, The Bad & The Fuzzy(sm)-Financial Governance of work communities goes way beyond the boardroom. It extends into every aspect of the workplace. The "governance model" chosen by the owner to lead his work community will have major effects on his co-workers, his external community members (stakeholders) and his cash flow and profits.

Sarbanes-Oxley For Non-Financial Executives-this seminar will provide you with an overview of the different phases of a SOX implementation. This includes such areas as project planning, choosing a risk/control framework, documentation, testing, etc. 

Other seminars offered are in the fields of: business life cycles, Business Process Management, Business Process Monitoring, Business Methodologies, Growth Alternatives, Quality Control, Intellectual Property licensing, Service Design, Product Design, Business Logistics, Business Models, Business Frameworks, Codes or Standards of Behavior, Business Rules, Product or Service Pricing, Product or Service Branding, Product Packaging, Mission Statements, Vision Statements, Business Operations, Workplace Ethics and Values, Inventory Management, Value-stream or Value Chain Mapping, Mind Mapping, Concept Mapping, Knowledge Mapping, Visual Mapping, Risk Management, Robotics, Social Audits, Triple Bottom Line Reporting, Corporate Social Responsibility, Business Scorecards, Execution, Succession Planning, Crisis Management, Economic Systems, Certification, Sustainability, Blueprinting, Service Oriented Architecture, Software as a Service and Simulation and Web services. 

Leading a Community Market- We will show you how to grow your market by growing your community of consumers.

How Small Organic Farmers Can Grow Their Business Without A Farmers Market.

Love@Work® Personal Coaching:

Personal coaching services in the field of workplace leadership, workplace values, professional development, performance, product and service conceptualization and design.

Love@Work® Leadership Awards:

Providing recognition and incentives by the way of an awards program to demonstrate excellence in the application of leadership, business operations and community performance.

​Love@Work® Sustainability Reporting:

Triple bottom line reporting for small businesses.

Has your Business Consultant discussed their Business & Financial Sustainability Leadership System  with you?

Perhaps they don't have one.

Community Harvest Consulting®.
If You're Not Sustainable, We're Not Sustainable(sm)