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Harvesting Services

Financial Harvesting® @ Work

Once you have healthy profits (which should be a byproduct of having a healthy company) you will need to protect those profits/assets.  The first step which you should take is to outsource your financial operations to a CPA firm that provides the services of a part-time CFO.  Only this type of professional will have the knowledge to do what needs to be done to protect your profits.  In addition, this firm should use our proprietary Financial Harvesting® @ Work System.  This is a system specifically designed for the financial needs of small businesses.

We will become a permanent, part-time member of your busines and we will be your first & primary point of contact for any new financial decisions. Our services include the following: 

Financial Harvesting® @Work-Outsourced Financial Operations Consulting Services For Small Businesses include:

Cash Flow Management
Financial Operations Planning
Financial Risk Management 
Financial Reporting
Business Tax Planning & Compliance
Turnaround Services
Financial Systems
Internal Controls & Financial Crimes, 
CFO Services 
Controllership & Accounting
Quickbooks and Accounting Technology
Risk & Insurance
Financial Document Management
Financial Forensics
IP Finance
Financial Metrics
Treasury & Banking

For more information see our website at:

Has your Business Consultant discussed your Workplace Health Risks with you?

Have they discussed how to mitigate those risks by applying a Business Health Restructring System?

Perhaps they don't have one.
Community Harvest®

Paul L. Schechter, MPH, MA, CPA
Community Harvest®
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