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Community Harvesting Services(sm)

Now that you have made progress in growing your business community, it is time to harvest the business and financial blessings that can now be seen and measured.

Harvesting The Business Blessings

Harvesting The Financial Blessings

Harvesting the financial blessings (which should be a byproduct of having a healthy community) can best be achieved by using our Financial Harvesting® @ Work Framework.  In order to do this you will need to outsource your financial operations to a CPA firm that licenses our proprietary Financial Harvesting® @ Work System.  This is a system specifically designed for the financial needs of small businesses.

CFO Consulting Services for Businesses (aka Financial Harvesting@Work)-here are some of the services we provide:

Personal Financial Wellness Services (aka Financial Harvesting@Home)-Our goal during this phase of Financial Sustainability is to assist the owner, executives and employees to conduct a review of their compensation, bonus arrangements, deferred compensation, pension plans and other retirement benefits the cash flow is available from the compensation plans that currently exist. 

For more information about this Framework, go to

Why don't you put the power of love to work in your small business and see the impact our Love@Work® Community Leadership System has on your small business.

Would you build a home before hiring a Building Architect to produce a set of design blueprints for you? Of course not.

Then why are you trying to build 
a business before hiring a Business Architect to produce a set of design blueprints for you?

Community Harvest(sm)
Business Turnaround, Design, Growth & Harvesting Services

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