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Community Harvest Educational Services(sm)

We offer a variety of educational services which provide the owners of businesses with the opportunity to take time off from their busy schedules to become students for a short period of time. Whether it is in the evening or during the day, we expect that our seminars will be of great benefit to you and your co-workers.  

The Lead Teacher:  Paul L. Schechter, has 30+ years of consulting and teaching experience.  He has been teaching classes throughout his professional career. Before he launched Community Harvest(sm)  he taught courses for Ernst & Young where he was formerly a Sr. Manager, the California Society of Certified Public Accountants as well as some private classes. He has a B.S. Degree from U.C. Berkeley in Public Health, a Masters Degree in Health Resources Management from the University Of Illinois Medical Center Campus and a Masters Degree in Behavioral Arts (Dispute Management) from CSUDH. He was also licensed as a CPA over 30 years ago.

Here are some of the educational services offered by Community Harvest(sm):

I.  Leadership and Business Education

Other subjects we are offering to teach are as follows​:

Love@Work® leadership, namely, organizational values, ethics, visioning, mission statements, culture, organizational design, structure, business architecture, business sustainability, environmental sustainability, quality control, risk management, planning, business software, supply chains, standards, frameworks, decision-making, mapping, business processes, business models, communications, business systems, business architecture, dispute resolution, codes of behavior, strategy, executive development, platforms, value streams, knowledge management, pricing, governance, change management, blueprinting, startups, marketing, turnaround services, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, business life-cycles, growth alternatives, business rules, branding, sustainability reporting, finance, venture capital, project management, business networking, human resources, employee benefits, personnel management, mergers and acquisitions, service design, product life cycles, succession planning, intellectual property, dispute management, mediation, crisis management, economics, support services, CSR, sustainability reporting, modeling, simulation, business metrics, scorecards, computer software and information systems.

II. Product Life-Cycle Management Education

Visual Gardening(tm) Seminar for small design firms-this seminar will teach designers the basics of our framework, processes and standards.

III. Health, Wellness and Safety Education

HealthErcizing™ Seminar for Small Business Owners-this seminar will teach you the basics you need to know about our framework, processes and standards in order to produce a healthy community.

MaturMedical™ Seminar for Physicians and Other Medical Practitioners-this seminar will teach the basics about our framework, processes and standards for our set of preventive medical services which may include health assessments, behavioral change, organizational culture, stress assessment and prevention, worker medical screening, medicinal foods & water, workplace safety and health management.

Knowledge Meals™ Seminar for Food Preparer's-this seminar will teach the basics about our framework, processes and food standards for our set of food preparation services. food production, nutrition, food supply chain, food processing and food packaging.

Plantastics™ Seminar for Food Producers-this seminar will teach the basics about our framework, processes and standards for our set of food production services.

IV. Financial Management Education

Financial Harvesting® @Work Seminar For Small Business Owners will look at the The Good, The Bad & The Fuzzy of Financial Governance for work communities. The "governance model" chosen by the owner to lead his work community will have major effects on your accounting, your cash flow, your reporting and your external community members.

Financial Harvesting® @Home Seminar will cover issues relating to Personal Financial Wellness and will provide you and your co-workers with an overview of the different aspects of Financial Wellness as an employee benefit.

Other subjects we are offering to teach include financial management, namely financial systems, venture capital, financial reporting, financial planning, cash flow, sharing economics, financial compliance, CFO consulting, financial structure, financial sustainability and cost management.

Community Harvest Entertainment Services(sm)

I. Community Harvest(sm) Festivals and other seasonal events related to food.

II. Love@Work® Leadership Awards-Providing recognition and incentives by the way of an awards program to demonstrate excellence in the application of community leadership.

Why don't you put the power of love to work in your small business with our Love@Work® Community Leadership system.

Community Harvest(sm)
Business Turnaround, Design, Growth & Harvesting Services

221 Main Street, #547
Los Altos, California 94023

Would you build a home before hiring a Building Architect to produce a set of design blueprints for you? Of course not.

Then why are you trying to build 
a business before hiring a Business Architect to produce a set of design blueprints for you?