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Our Services

Small business owners have limited resources and sustainable growth cannot be achieved by using traditional approaches. Therefore, we produced a Shared Services Center (SSC) to help you increase your revenues and decrease your costs. It has been specifically designed for small businesses and so you should be able to decrease the risks associated with growing and leading your business community.  


After you have chosen to license the use of one of our products, you may want to customize the product to meet your specifications and the creative standards of your firm.  Customization of our products may include any of the following design elements:  

Organizational values, ethics, visioning, mission statements, organizational culture, organizational design, structure, business architecture, business sustainability, environmental sustainability, quality control, risk management, planning, business software, supply chains, standards, frameworks, decision-making, mapping, business processes, business models, communications, business systems, business architecture, dispute resolution, codes of behavior, strategy, executive development, platforms, value streams, knowledge management, pricing, governance, change management, blueprinting, startups, turnaround services, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, business life-cycles, growth alternatives, business rules, branding, sustainability reporting, finance, venture capital, project management, business networking, mergers and acquisitions, service design, product life cycles, succession planning, intellectual property and licensing, dispute management, mediation, economics, support services, CSR, sustainability reporting, modeling, simulation, business metrics, scorecards, computer software and information systems; Security services, namely emergency and crisis management activities, prevention, protection, mitigation, response and recovery services; Marketing, namely multilevel marketing, advertising and promotional services; human resource services, personnel management and employee benefit consulting, coaching, mentoring; outsourcing services in the fields of business process outsourcing and shared services; online retail store services featuring food, clothing, software, consumer and promotional products; computerized online retail store services for business-to-business online sales; promoting the sale of goods and services of others through thru the distribution of printed materials; and online services, namely a forum or exchange for business-to-business transactions.

Health, wellness & safety, preventive medical services, behavioral change management, stress assessment and prevention.

Customization of our Financial Harvesting® Framework may include any of the following design elements:

Financial management, namely, financial systems, venture capital, financial governance, financial reporting, financial planning, cash flow, sharing economics, financial compliance, CFO services, financial structure, financial sustainability, financial wellness and cost management


Redesigning your work community with our Love@Work® Community Leadership System may also mean that you have to prepare new plans such as your Streetegic Plan(sm), Organizational Design Plan, Product Plan, Communication and Marketing Plan, Risk Mitigation Plan, Executive Development Plan, Succession Plan, Risk Identification & Mitigation Plan, Contingency Plan and your Financial Management Plan.


With our Shared Services Center (SSC) we help you to share the burdens and benefits our y(our) harvest so that you don't "burn out" from trying to do everything by yourself as well as provide:

Why don't you put the power of our Shared Product & Services Center to work in your small business. 

Would you build a home before hiring a Building Architect to produce a set of design blueprints for you? Of course not.

Then why are you trying to build 
a business before hiring a Business Architect to produce a set of design blueprints for you?

Community Harvest®
Helping You Share The Burdens & Blessings Of Y(our) Harvest

221 Main Street, #547
Los Altos, California 94023