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Our Industries

Over the years, our client base has reflected the range of our knowledge and has included the following industries:

Professional Services:
Medical Care
Architectural Firms
Law Firms
CPA Firms (we currently consult with over 400 firms)

Aircraft Production
Clothing Production
Electronics Manufacturing
Medical Device Production
Real Estate Construction
Software Development



Film/Video Production
Film Distribution Companies
Theme Parks
Business Management

Tax-exempt Organizations:
Hospital/Medical Care Delivery

Marketing & Sales
Online Advertising

Consumer Products

Design Firms

Food Service


for the present, we are providing our turnaround and Architectural Services to the Medical and Food industries:

Whether you are a mature doctor or just starting your career in medicine, we are capable of providing you with the business consulting services which meets your needs.  We are capable of representing the following:

Here are some of the types of health care services we are capable of providing:

Other health Care Related Services:

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