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Turnaround Consulting Services

The turnaround  or restructuring process can be simple or may be complex. It depends on your company. With our Love@work® Community Leadership System the first questions to be answered relate to taking our proprietary Love@Work® Maturity Assessment.  

Next, regardless of the complexity, multiple issues must be handled at the same time. The following are some of these issues:

The organization will need enough time for the business to be stabilized and chart a new course.
During this process, Community Harvest(sm) only acts as an outside consultant.

Why don't you put the power of love to work in your small business and see the impact our Love@Work® Community Leadership System has on your small business.

Would you build a home before hiring a Building Architect to produce a set of design blueprints for you? Of course not.

Then why are you trying to build 
a business before hiring a Business Architect to produce a set of design blueprints for you?

Community Harvest(sm)
Business turnaround, design, growth & harvesting services

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Los Altos, California 94023