Our Consulting Services

I. Our Love@Work® Consulting Services have been designed for the needs of small business owners. We provide consulting in the following areas:

Business Life-Cycles 
Business Process Management
Business Process Monitoring
Growth Alternatives
Quality Control
IP Licensing
Service Design
Business Models
Business Frameworks
Codes Of Behavior
Business Rules
Vision & Mission Statements
Workplace Ethics & Values
Value Stream or Chain Mapping
Social Audits
Triple Bottom Line Reporting
Streetegic Planning
Succession Planning & Mapping
Organizational Design
Business Process Design
Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)
Dispute Prevention in The Workplace
Mediation Skills For Workplace Leaders
Business Methodologies
Product Design
Mapping (Mind, Concept, Knowledge, Visual)
Conflict Management
Business Scorecards
Service Oriented Achitecture
Business Architecture
Social Audits
Crisis Management
Economic Systems

II. Our Love@Work® Computer Consulting Services-we assist businesses with the selection, implementation and use of computer software; designing and implementing online software services and websites. 

III. HealthErcizing(sm) consulting for small businesses-we consult with you on how to produce a healthy company.

IV. Visual Gardening(sm)-we consult with design firms on organizational, product and services design.

V. MaturMed(sm)-we consult with Physicians and Other Medical Practitioners to produce a mature set of medical services.

We can customize any of our pre-built designs to your specifications. The type of customization we provide to you depends on your needs.  

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