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      "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"

                                      ---Benjamin Franklin

In the new economy, business decisions have become more complex and business owners have come to rely more and more on outsourcing important parts of their business.  Workplace health promotion services are no exception. 

The value of such health and wellness services has been proven. The growing levels of preventable diseases and chronic conditions contribute greatly to the high costs of health care. One study estimates that almost 80% of all health care spending in the United States can be attributed to potentially preventable chronic illnesses. The use of preventive services increases the chance that these diseases will be identified in their early stages, treated, managed, and, in some cases, cured. Proven preventive services could improve the quality and length of the lives of people as well as reduce costs of medical care

Promoting and assessing Workforce Health is the first step in producing a culture of Workplace Health. Workplace Health is intended to identify and promote worker health and productivity. Comprehensive policies and practices that take into account the work environment--both physical and organizational-- while also addressing the personal health risks of individuals, are more effective in preventing disease and promoting health than each approach taken separately.

Community Harvest® provides small business owners with a one-stop source for all their workplace health needs.  

                                       GET READY!

Work with Community Harvest to help you choose which health services you need to outsource first.

Work with Community Harvest to help you choose which health services you are ready to outsource, then let us help you to write a plan to achieve your goals.


Work with Community Harvest to work ON maturing your business while you work IN your business.  

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Has your Business Consultant had a
discussion with you about the connection between the health of your business culture, etc. and the financial health of your business?

Perhaps it's because they don't understand the connection?